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Divya Shah/ActionAid

How your gift could help women and girls

In Bajura, a northern district of Nepal, women have struggled with inadequate birthing services in their community. 

The facilities were poorly-built and lacked equipment, medicines, and skilled personnel to help women give birth. 

Some facilities were a four-hour walk from the local village, so women had to walk during labour to have a safe and assisted delivery. Women were also sometimes giving birth in their sheds without the supervision of a skilled doctor, midwife or nurse. 

ActionAid set up women's reflect circles, where over 1,000 local women participated and discussed their challenges around giving birth. 

In consultation with women, we helped improve five local birthing centres in Bajura by helping repair the floors of the centres, providing solar lighting and arranging for nurses and midwives to staff the centres.

Since the improvements, 40 women have received birthing help from the birthing centres including prenatal and post-natal check-ups.

Your gift in memory of your loved one could help us empower and include women in decision-making processes and improve more facilities such as these where women can give birth safely

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Top image: Children studying at an ActionAid supported school in Myanmar. Credit: Letizia Chiarucci/ActionAid

Page updated 24 January 2023